Company Information

The only sources of Company information areĀ its regular filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission available at, and Company-authorized press releases.

The Company is aware that an entity called LB Ventures has disseminated certain information about the Company. Neither the Company nor any of the members of its Management Team or Board of Directors is affiliated with LB Ventures; the Company has not authorized, contracted for, or assisted LB Ventures in the preparation of such information, and therefore such information should not be relied upon.

The management of the Company speaks with research analysts on a continuous basis, and those individuals and their firms are solely responsible for their opinions and statements.

From the time the current management team came onboard in December 2012 until as of now, April 26, 2016, no current member of management team of BMIX has ever sold one single share of their holdings of BMIX stock.



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